Sous Vide

The Chefman Sous Vide brings this top chef favorite cooking technique to your kitchen counter. With just a few clicks, you can prepare restaurant-worthy dishes that are always perfectly cooked edge-to-edge, and are bursting with flavor and amazing texture. From starters to desserts, produce food that is never undercooked or overcooked but simply flawless every time.

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The Closeup

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  • Additional Specs

  • Performance 1000 Wattage Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.5° F Max water temperature: 203 °F
  • Cooking prep Timer: 99 hours Delay: 99 hours Max bath size: 4 Gallons
  • Specs Min water depth 2.9’’ Max water depth 5.11’’
  • Material Polycarbonate Stainless steel

Meet our app

Everything Sous Vide All In One Place

Enhance your cooking experience with our app. Helping you go from basic to pro, our sous vide recipes, cooking guides and tips serve up restaurant-worthy dishes every time. Whether you like it rare, medium or well done, our app is always updating to make sure you have the latest resources that help you get it right, every time.

Even More Control with WiFi & Bluetooth

Choose the Chefman Precision Cooker with wifi and Bluetooth to control your sous vide cooking right from your phone. Pick just how you want your food cooked, kick back, and let your cooker do the rest. The Chefman Precision Cooker will even let you know when your water is preheated and when your dish is done.

Flawless in three steps

  • Place ingredients in a vacuum packed or re-sealable bag, and drop it in the pot.

  • Set the time and temperature and immerse into the pot. Any pot will do.

  • Cook until ready and enjoy your tasty dish!

    (Searing optional)

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